Child Survival

Zakariya Razi

Zakariya Al-Razi Father of Pediatrics His treatise, “The Diseases of Children,” has led some .”historians to regard him as the “Father of Pediatrics

Stained Window Glass, al-Razi, Hawi, Princeton University Chapel. United States.

Give the Gift of Reading

Create Opportunities for Under-Served Children Through Literacy

Reading is the single most important skill a child needs — yet many lack access to books. Founded in 2018 by Reey Raz to honor his Zakariya al Razi, Child Survival strives to make books accessible to all children.

Child Survival Pledges to Distribute 1 Million Books

The Child’s Survival Project gives books to children who need them for equity in literacy, learning, and life. 

We aim to create a more socially just world by providing books for free to under-resourced children. Literacy attainment is directly tied to academic achievement and lifetime outcomes, yet children in economically disadvantaged communities do not have the same access to books as their more affluent peers. The Child Survival Project is committed to closing the opportunity gap and lifting up community by raising readers.
We are an independent movement on behalf of the Razi Museum under the guidance and support of Mr. Alayin Rey, Director and Chief Curator of the Razi Museum

We bought an old warehouse with 700 volumes for free distribution in this issue.

Image of MEYSAM _ Alayin Rey and Child Survival logo

The Child Survival logo symbolises a spark, inspiration and the great ideas of a Child. The Child Survival logo has various other meanings attached to the chosen shape, colour and font of the logotype.

The shape signifies Child Survival to be environmentally-friendly and organic in nature.

The colour combination of blue, yellow, Red, green and orange depicts commitment towards quality and passion.

The logotype puts a spotlight on the sun within the Child Survival name, cleverly highlighting the network’s Name.

The red “c” is there to facilitate pronunciation (child) and it makes it memorable in an instant.

The logo is a simple depiction of a world that takes the form of a waving Sun.

The Child Survival logo is a pictograph combination of earth and sun and Environment and water and child and survival, the essence of communication.

Move and Rotate in a logo layers stands for consistent growth and dynamic development.
Child Survival logo, uses colour iterations and holds all primary colors.
The green and yellow combination is that of Helios, who is God of the Sun. It signifies all forms of energy.
Color representing vigour. The logo structure spells fearlessness and elegance.
The Sun in yellow depicts world . A Light opening to a sea of knowledge in science, nature, culture, and reality. The use of yellow depicts the Sun that is knowledge and light.

The designer is Alayin Rey.


The Great Scientist Who Discovered How to Make Alcohol

Illustrated By : Salar Eshratkhah
Written By : Alayin Rey ( Meysam)

This book will be published for children, teenagers and young people in English, Persian, Arabic, Spanish and Chinese by the Razi Museum and child survival.
And will be available to those interested and a significant number of this book will be donated to individuals to develop literacy and encourage creativity.


PROUDLY PRESENTED TO CHILD SURVIVAL NGO for spreading the culture of reading and donating e – books written by Meysam Hosseini Hope we can work together to create a more beautiful world for our children BY BEING TOGETHER , ALL THE IMPOSSIBLE IS POSSIBLE .


Mr. Taner, Director of Amnesty International Office, and Meysam Hosseini donating books to children in rural areas to develop literacy and reading.

Since 2009, more than 10,000 books have been donated in order to develop literacy and spread kindness and promote reading in deprived areas, and Meysham is going to donate nearly one million books through the movement of Child Survival and the movement of contemporary artists in the coming years.